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Delirium Brewery’s Delirium Red

From Belgium comes this fruity high fermentation ale.


Beer Name: Delirium Red

Type of beer: Flavored high fermentation ale.

ABV: 8%

Brewery: Delirium Brewery (Belgium)


My Two Cents: An excelent dessert beer; creamy pinkish foam, cherry red color, long lasting body, strong cherry flavor (candy type sweetness) yet hoppy enough. Unlike the flavored lambics, this one carries a good 8% ABV along its ale bitternes. Liked it a lot.


Chela Bocanegra’s Dunkel Weisen

From the Mexican city of Monterrey comes this interesting dunkel beer.

bocanegradunkelBeer Name: Dunkel Weissen

Brewery: Cerveza Bocanegra ( Monterrey N.L., México.

Type: Wheat Dunkel Lager


My two cents: I want to say like a porter, but most likely like a toasted weissen. The smoked flavored is dominant and the alcohol, although not so high, is very present. Not so carbonated, with low white foam that dissipates quickly. Not black, but more like dark brown and very clouded, yet no deposits are visible. Very tasty with good body, low aftertaste. I liked it.

Stroh Brewery’s Stroh’s

Stroh Brewery is a very old Detroit brewery that (somewhat) still exists after a little over 150 years. Now we try the company’s leading brand “Stroh’s”


Beer Name: Stroh’s

Beer type: Filtered Clear Lager

Brewery: Stroh Brewery (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

AVB: 4.6%

My two cents; Pale yellow color with big bubble white foam that dissipates quickly. Very light body, some slight citric/floral taste, actually a little sweet (it contains corn syrup). Although not very foamy, it is very carbonated; it feels like soda water. It leaves a weird bitter aftertaste. Too bland for my taste, anyway.

Fuller’s Brewery “London Porter”

From one of the most popular brands in England comes this very nicer porter.

Image Beer Name: “London Porter”

Brewery: Fuller’s Brewery (Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C.) (England)

Type: Porter



My two cents: Rich and tasty, dark brown redish color, creamy bubbly foam; good subtle toasted  flavor with rich notches of coffee with strong aftertaste of roasted malt, yet very mellow on the first taste if somewhat spicy (like peppercorn I would say). I think this would go along very good with some red meat. Liked it a lot, higly recommendable.

Wychwood Brewery’s “King Goblin”

From the land of Shakespeare, comes this interesting ale “King Goblin”

kinggoblinBeer Name: King Goblin

Type:  High fermentation ale (looks like an irish red ale, but no specific name is mentioned)

Brewery: ”Wychwood Brewery” Oxfordshire, London

ABV: 6.6%

My Two Cents: Very good beer; rich body, full creamy foam, bright copper red color -yet translucid-, very good punch (6.6% abv) nice balance between hops and malt, somewhat chocolatese aftertaste and fruity overtones. I’ve always found the bottle desing very interesting. Did you knew it is brewer only on full moons (or so they say)? =)

“La Chingonería” brewery’s ‘Esa de Rojo’

From a handcraft mexican brewery called “La Chingonería” comes and interesting Irish Ale called “Esa de Rojo”, lit. “that [girl] in red”; a season beer crafted in small batches with very interesting details.

2013-06-22 20.49.08

Beer Name: Esa de Rojo

Type:  Handcrafted Irish Red Ale (with Mezcal liquor and grinded Oaxaca grasshoppers)

Brewery: ”La Chingonería” Microbrewery (D.F, Mexico)

ABV: 5%


My two cents: Nice copper red color, translucid, with light creamy foam, this beer has slight traces of mezcal, which is a spirit similar to tequila. It has a smoky flavor, related to the base syrup where the mezcal comes from. It has a light body that somewhat challenges the smoky taste. We tried this with some slightly spicy food, and it reduced the smoky tone of the beer while accentuated the mezcal aftertaste. It is supposed to be brewed with grinded Oaxaca grasshopers. If so, I could not tell about it in the beer’s flavor, yet I will take it for granted. It is a very good beer, if somewhat light bodied, yet it is just a personal opinion since I like my beers a little more fuller. I highly recommend this beer.

“La Mediagua” microbrewery’s American Stout.

From Puebla, Mexico, from a very small brewery I really can not find, comes a very pleasing stout.

2013-06-17 15.20.59  Beer Name: American Stout

Type:  Stout

Brewery: “La Mediagua” Microbrewery’s(Puebla, Mexico)

ABV: 6.3%


My two cents: Very nice porter, good black color with bronze flashes, low carbonation and foam, but with good textures. Nice chocolate flavor, not to sharp and good alcohol balance and medium body. Liked it a lot.